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Tv Mounting Services more affordable than our Competitors

Tv Mounting Cords Exposed

This service is for tv Mounting only, this is the cheapest services and requires no additional parts. This service can also be selected if you already have a outlet relocated and/or have a cord cover

Tv Mounting With Cord Cover

On-wall cord cover are best for organizing and hiding TV cables. The low-profile design hides cables and offers the ability to be painted. Easy to mount without cutting holes in the walls.

Tv Mounting with Outlet relocated (No Cords Showing)

In-wall wiring is more intricate – involving hiding wires behind the wall itself. This requires a technician to cut a hole in the wall where they can install an outlet and/or Kit

Tv Mounting Brackets


Service Notice

Due too Supply shortages its best for the customer to purchase there mounts before service date. This can be done online retailers or through our website

Purchase Tv Mounts

Tv Mounting Only

Local Same Day Service For Personal or Business Clients


/per tv
    • Pay with Digital payments or credit/debit cards
    • cords will be exposed
    • Brick and Metal stud wall cost more

Tv Mounting with Cord Cover

Local Same Day Service For Personal or Business Clients


/per tv
    • Pay with Zelle,Cash or credit/debit cards
    • Brick wall & metal stud walls cost more 
    • Cord Cover included

Tv Mounting with Outlet Reclocated

Services For Personal or Business Clients


/per tv
    • Pay with zelle,cash or credit/debit cards
    • Service does not apply if wall is brick
    • All Parts are included

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When calling or texting please provide us with a picture or model information.

In-Wall Cord Concealment

Cords neatly hidden inside of the wall, with a power outlet nearby

Wall Shelf

Install wall shelf for tv media

On wall cord concealment

Cords hidden neatly on wall, inside cord cover


We can provide additional HDMI cables for $28

Sound Bar

Install Sound Bar

Connected Devices

We can setup and Install your smart devices

We accept payments from major credit/debit cards and our own discount card.